Greetings From J.N.!

I’m a terrible, terrible blogger. I really am. I have a desire to keep and update a blog, but I am very bad at forgetting to post. I’ve tried Blogger, Livejournal, and even Xanga a long time ago (though I admit that I used to post regularly on Xanga). I’m also not very good at designing when it comes to the web. HTML is one thing, CSS is completely another. So if you’re wondering why this “designer” doesn’t have an original blog theme yet, yeah, that’s why.

Anyway, I really do want to have a blog. And not just one to keep progress of my writing progress, but one I can post about anything. So while I am going to mostly use this to write about my experiences as an aspiring writer, I’m also going to post about different things. You’ve probably come here because you’ve read my work before or know me. Welcome! And if you have stumbled here by mistake, Welcome!

Comments would be appreciated to help me meet my goal of maintaining this blog. And if anyone out there is great at designing WordPress templates, I’d love you forever if you gave me some advice.

Over and out.


J.N. Cahill

Writer. Artist. Dreamer.



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