ARC Review–Xoc by Matt Dembicki

Rated 3 stars on Goodreads (I liked it).

This is an ARC that I received from NetGalley. I would like the thank the author and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this. This review is my opinion and I was not compensated to write this.

First off, I love sharks. Not shark attacks, but just sharks. They are fascinating creatures. Xoc is a graphic novel that is from a shark’s (Xoc) point-of-view for the most part. There are also seals, turtles, and other sea life.

***The below may contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk***

There isn’t much of a storyline besides Xoc swimming around the ocean and later having a maimed sea turtle join her temporarily on her journey. While on their journey, they become witness to many things that happen in the ocean. Xoc encounters seals, humans, boats, pollution, other predators and prey, and shark-hunting.

This book is very informative, but at the same time it’s also entertaining. The shark, turtle, and seals sometimes “talk” about what’s going on. I found the relationship between the shark and the turtle to be amusing. The book helps readers to not only understand sharks and their prey but other important subjects such as pollution and shark-hunting. Which I’m not against shark hunting as a whole, but I do think that sharks are being over-fished. The graphics for this was disturbing to me.

Overall, the graphics are a bit bloody but this is a book about the ocean and with a shark as the main character, so this is to be expected. The graphics are very nice and realistically portrayed. The artist/author did a great job with the pictures. I believe kids and shark lovers will enjoy this one.


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