VCA Ranting

Beware–this post is going to be filled with a rant toward the ghostwriter of V.C. Andrews, Andrew Neiderman.

Now, Mr. Niederman–I’ve been a fan of VCA books since I was fourteen. I loved VCA’s original work, but I also enjoyed several series you wrote under her name. However, what’s with the latest books? They don’t seem to resemble VCA’s writing at all. The stories don’t “haunt” or “stick with” me like they used to. The main characters are flat, boring, or unlikable. Some of the plots suck. I don’t mean to offend you, but it seems like your writing for these books are getting worse. As a longtime VCA fan, this distresses me.

After I read the great disappointment that was Daughter of Darkness, I vowed to never buy a new VCA book again unless I’d read it first. I’m very glad that I didn’t have the misfortune of buying DOD. The idea for it sounded cool. It just wasn’t a good book. Certainly not a great VCA book, either. And now I see there’s a sequel for it? Are you kidding me?

I also love how the preview I read for Into the Darkness made me want to gag. It may seem like a neat idea to describe things with gemstones and metals if the main character’s parents own a jewelry store. I get that. But what you did was overkill. I haven’t read the book yet, just the preview, but I swear if the entire book is like that, I will throw it against the wall.

Overkill jeweltone/metal description from Into the Darkness:

I could see he had blue-sapphire eyes. He had a very fair complexion, close to South Sea pearl….

Mom said my hair was truly opal

She had a bit of a Southern drawl and was a beautiful platinum-brown-haired woman….

that brought out the jade blue in his eyes.

with an agate-brown goatee and glasses with frames as thick as silver dollars…

Both agreed that I normally had a light pink Akoya pearl complexion..

^ And that’s not even all of them. I mean, a few of these would be fine. But agate-brown goatee? Light pink Akoya pearl complexion? Give me a break. I’d been very excited to read the excerpt because I heard it had a romance similar to Heaven and Troy’s, but after all that jewel-description, I was immediately turned off.

So Andrew Neiderman, please, please, please, can we get back to books that are more like the first ones you wrote under V.C. Andrews’ name? If not, can the publishers PLEASE just start publishing under the actual ghostwriter’s name? These aren’t really true V.C. Andrews anymore. I like that the ghostwriter is trying to think of unique plots but they just aren’t working.

The memorable characters are gone. The writing feels stiff and boring. I definitely don’t feel the same excitement for new VCA books anymore YET I’ve re-read some of the older ones and my feelings on them haven’t changed. So I’ve concluded that it’s YOU, not me. A lot of us VCA fans feel the same way. There’s better VCA fanfiction out there than some of the books that have been written and toted off as being “V.C. Andrews” books.

I was able to tolerate the wrong facts, misuse of character’s name (there’s one or two books where the character is being called by the name of a character in another book), and the cut and paste scenes (okay, I lied, I found myself unable to tolerate these because come on, recycled scenes/lines?).

Here’s my favorite ghostwritten VCA Books, in no particular order: Fallen Hearts, Dawn, Midnight Whispers, Music in the Night, Runaways, The Wildflowers, Into the Garden, Into the Woods, Delia’s Crossing, Heavenstone Secrets, Family Storms.

Here’s the books I thought were the worst by the ghostwriter, in order: Daughter of Darkness, Cloudburst, Broken Flower, Scattered Leaves, April Shadows, Girl in the Shadows, Twisted Roots, Hidden Leaves, Falling Stars, Willow, Dark Forest, Rose, Cinnamon, Honey, Hidden Jewel, All That Glitters.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this right now. I am a very disgruntled VCA fan. I wanted to own every VCA book but I will not keep buying books that are not worth my time or money. Releasing the next book (Capturing Angels) as e-Book only is sure to keep me away, too.


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