June Camp NaNo 2012–Success!

If you’ve been following along with me, you should know that I participated in Camp NaNo this year for the first time. Last year, I did NaNoWrimo for the first time and LOVED it. So I’ve decided to go ahead and blog about my experiences with Camp NaNo, along with some I had during NaNoWrimo last year, and my plans to participate in the August Camp NaNo for this year.



My Average Daily Word Count: 1,673 words.

Largest Daily Word Count: 6,000 words.

Target Word Count: 50,000 words.

Total Words Written: 50,196

Novel Status: Completed, Unedited.

I have to admit that Camp NaNo June was actually harder than I remember my first NaNo experience last November in it. June was a busy month for me so it was harder to make time to write. I also lost interest while writing Faith, Love, and Peace, my sequel to Peace Represent, despite my earlier excitement for it. When I wrote Shades of Genesis for November NaNo last year, I didn’t.

I also felt as if my sequel wasn’t really my best work at first, but I seemed to like it better as I wrote more. I currently feel mixed about the sequel but am assured that everything will be worked out in the next drafts. It’s good to have at least gotten the story down and there’s several scenes I really love. Peace’s new love interest was especially exciting.

I think it was harder to write this book because the plot is so different. In the first book, Peace has turned her back on God and is struggling with her life of poverty, alcoholic/abusive parents, gang-member boyfriend, and what’s in store for the future.

The sequel is more about her relationship with her parents, dealing with the fallouts from her gang-member ex-boyfriend, and interacting with her new love interest, who she really likes but doesn’t want to date because she’s afraid of getting hurt. I ended up liking where the story went but it definitely needs some fine-tuning. Part of it is available on Wattpad if you would like to check it out. Comments are most appreciated!

The real thing that kept me motivated for Camp NaNo June was how I posted my progress on both my personal and writer Facebook pages. I had some really great friends and fans who encouraged me and nagged me to write. I appreciate their support so very much. So if you do a NaNo activity, please track your progress with someone. It really does make a difference.

There were some who turned their nose up at NaNo because they felt it was about quantity and not quality. Yes, I suppose they are write but the point of NaNo, I believe, is to get you writing. Of course it’s not quality. But that’s what I feel all the many re-writes that come after are for.

You can’t expect to write a first draft book that is perfect. No matter if it takes you thirty days to write or several years. It takes time and dedication to make your book its best. So I find NaNo to be a good thing. To each their own, but NaNo helps me and others to stay focused. I’ll deal with the quality when I edit.
So while I did not enjoy June Camp NaNo as much as November NaNo from last year, I am hopeful for August Camp NaNo. So what’s in store for August?

There’s this idea I’ve had in my head since last year. It’s based on a rough period I was going through, though very loosely based.

My idea for August revolves around a depressed teenage girl named Caylee who decides to make a list of reasons why she should end her life. She misplaces this list and a guy named Garrett finds it. When he finds out the list belongs to her, he wants to help her and find out why she wants to kill herself. He becomes her friend and decides to make his own list. A list of reasons for her to stay. It’s called Our Reasons.

It’s YA romance mixed in with realistic, dark stuff. My own past has been filled with dark and hopeless things, and I hope that I can use these experiences to make Caylee’s desire to no longer life be realistic. I want this to be a serious novel but also one that brings hope. I will be posting this as I write it during August onto Wattpad. Again, all comments are appreciated.

Have you ever participated in NaNo? Do you plan to do August Camp NaNo? What are your experiences? I’d love to hear from you!


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