Query/Agent Research–Day One!

So yesterday I started my research concerning querying and literary agents. I found two books at Ollie’s for a good price to do my research on. One is a 2010 Writer’s Market Novel and Short Story book and one is the 2011 Guide to Litarary Agents. I know, you’re thinking, “But this is 2012?” It is.

But I compared these slightly outdated versions to the 2012 ones and they are pretty much the same (I can’t afford $30-$50 books right now). I’ll make sure to do my research on the agents to make sure they are still accepting submissions this year.

But I thought since I decided to share my researching with you, I’d outline the things I plan to share with you:

1. The resources I am using.

2. Purposes of agents.

3. Publishing companies I’d love to publish my work.

4. Querying/Seeking Agent Advice.

5. My progress on researching.

6. Examples of query letters.

7. My progress concerning querying.

8. Rejections.

9. Acceptances!

So here’s what you have to look forward to. I’ve read about sixteen pages in the Guide to Literary Agents book and so far it’s pretty interesting. I’ll post more about the resource itself and what I’ve learned later on.


7 thoughts on “Query/Agent Research–Day One!

      1. I can totally relate! When I first started out I felt the same. Smart move by going for the older books by the way. I had signed up for Writers Market online when I did my querying. But this will probably give you even more options!

        Just a tip: watch out for scammers! I had a couple that were listed on Writers Market that seemed like a reputable business and asked for my manuscript with a sidenote of: How much would you be willing to contribute financially.

        Umm, no. šŸ™‚

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