The Best Feeling in the World

Do you know what the best feeling in the world is to a writer/artist? CREATIVITY. It’s when your blood is swirling with excitement and your brain full of ideas. Since yesterday, I’ve been feeling very creative, but not about writing. I’ve been wanting to make something craft-wise. All because of this site. And you should check it out.

What is cutoutandkeep? It’s a site filled with DIY projects. There’s all kinds of ideas on there but the ones that got me the most excited were the CLOTHING projects. You see, I really want some new clothes. The problem is the lack of money. However, with cutoutandkeep, I discovered some neat ideas for pieces of my wardrobe that I never/can’t wear by adding things to make them more desirable. I plan to blog about each of my “recycled clothing projects”, as well as share my versions of other people’s creative ideas on the site itself. If you want to add me on there, it’s easy to find me. Same name as on here.

So if you have clothes you never wear or are damaged or don’t fit that you are hesitating to get rid of, you should check out some of the project ideas on the to see if you can do something to salvage it. I’m all for donating but let’s face it, sometimes there are things you just hate to part with.


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