The 2011 Guide to Literary Agents “To-Do” List for Fiction Writers

Here’s a to-do list for fiction writers considering publishing from the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents by Chuck Sambuchino.

1. Finish your novel.

2. Revise your novel.

3. Proofread.

4. Research agents of writers whose works you admire or are similar to yours.

5. Construct a list of agents who are open to new writers and looking for your type of fiction.

6. Try publishing short stories in literary journals, proving to potential agents that editors see quality in your writing.

7. Rank your list to determine the agents most suitable for you and your work and to eliminate inappropriate agencies.

8. Write your synopsis. This will also help you write your query letter and be prepared for when agents contact you.

9. Write your query letter. This is an agent’s first impression of you. It should be polished and to the point.

10. Read about the business of agents so you are knowledgeable and prepared to act on any offer.



2 thoughts on “The 2011 Guide to Literary Agents “To-Do” List for Fiction Writers

  1. Thank you for the abundance of knowledge on your blog, all of which I have been searching for. I have only read a few of your posts, but within each one I have found information that I am sure will help me through my writing and publishing journey. The literary agent, publishing house, eBook world is so extensive and so confusing to me. I write from the heart, children’s short stories but have had no idea what to do once the story is complete.

    I will continue to read and re-read your most helpful blog.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Wilcox

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