Recycled Clothing Project #2 (T-Shirt Vest) + Updates

I’ll go ahead and start with the updates first. I apologize for the lack of regular postings. Life has gotten very hectic at my house and I am still adjusting to some new changes. Be patient with me, please. I hope to be getting back to both writing and querying/agent research soon.

Nothing with Camp NaNo has changed. If I am able, I will write more of it. But I don’t think the goal is attainable this time. Too much going on. Oh well, it’s still more than I had, right?

In downtime when I am too stressed to write, I’ve been working on my second recycled clothing project. I am not a great writer when I am stressed, but when I am doing art or a craft, it relaxes me. So I chose to work on the clothing project rather than produce bad writing. Maybe I need a wee break from writing anyway.

Anyway, the recycled clothing project can be found on my other blog, which is better suited to DIY crafts and such.

RECYCLED CLOTHING PROJECT #2–Turning a Too-Small T-Shirt into a Vest

Please vote on the poll if you haven’t yet. I’m ending the results this week and will post about them before I come up with a more regular blog schedule. Thank you for your patience as I navigate this blogging world!



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