Camp NaNo August (Abandoned)

Hey everyone. You may have noticed that I no longer have my Camp NaNo stats up. Unfortunately, life has gotten too hectic to even consider finishing my Camp NaNo for August. I haven’t written anything for about two to three weeks. Even though this is sad and I have the urge to write, I also am feeling a little burned out about it. So I have decided to take a break from writing until things are settled down a little more. I’ll just have to work on Karen’s Not Home another time.

Even though this month wasn’t a success, I am still proud of myself for writing more than I normally would. My writing plans now are to take a good break (perhaps use writing time for agent/querying research?), query Peace Represent, and continue writing Whispers of the Heart.

When the actual NaNo rolls around in November, I’m thinking of working on a book that I’ve been writing for years (and finished two years ago) but it’s an adult contemporary. I’m thinking it may work better as a young adult book since it’s a coming of age story so I will be doing that for my NaNo, since I will pretty much be starting from scratch.

I’ll try to have some more posts related to the poll results up during the rest of the week. Stay tuned!




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