Future Plans (for this blog)

Hey everyone, I thought I’d keep you tuned with what I’ve been working on for this blog. I know it needs a lot of work and I’ve been listening to your suggestions, as well as seeing what interests you silent web readers the most.

1. I’ve been working on a new blog theme. The current theme, while lovely, is a generic one. I do love the rainbow theme, though. I also want to create a new banner and jazz up the blog. So please stay tuned–hopefully it will be designed soon (oh, to be a WordPress noob!).

2. I believe I’ve got a schedule made up for the blog. No more random posts unless I have already posted for the day’s topic. Let me know what you think:


Day 1 —Writing Prompt for the Week (I will participate as well). I may think of some fun prizes to give to my favorite prompts if the interest in this is high.

Day 2–Writing Tip for the Week.

Day 3–What I’m Working On (Stories)

Day 4–Querying & Agent Tips

Day 5–Future Ideas/Published Book Reviews/Book Recommendations


3. For the month of Halloween, I will be watching a horror movie a day to celebrate. I also think it would be fun to give my (and the people watching with me) opinion on the movies. What do you think? Are these posts you would be interested in seeing? They aren’t books BUT movies are still stories when you get right down to it, right? 😉

4. Not blog related, but I have gotten out of my writing hiatus (YAY!). I am now working on finishing up Whispers of the Heart. In October, I’m going to give WOTH a break so I can work on something spookier for Halloween–my abandoned Camp NaNo project, Karen’s Not Home.


Let me know what you guys think about some of the future blog ideas. If I don’t have any responses, I’ll just have to guess. I appreciate all comments and suggestions! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Future Plans (for this blog)

    1. Thanks. It’s difficult getting the blog to look the way I want. I’ve been pretty busy this week, too, but I hope to get it together soon. I’d just like something more organized rather than my random posts.

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