What I’m Working On + Book Cross Over News

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. It seems I’m gotten a bit lazy darn you Buffy, you are so addicting. Plus, still getting used to the Kindle Fire and mourning the slow but inevitable death of my MacBook.

Today’s “What I’m Working On” post is going to be pretty short. What have I been working on? The better question to ask, would be, “What should I be working on?” What I should be working on is new chapters for Whispers of the Heart and Karen’s Not Home. What I should be working on is the short story prompt. But have I done any of this? Not really. I know. Shame on me. Hopefully I’ll get more of that done this weekend and next week.

Also, I fixed the link on the “What’s Better than One Book Review? Two!” page. To learn more about Kaila and I’s Book Cross Over, you can check out her post here and/or my post here. If you haven’t checked Kaila’s site out yet, please do.

P.S. Please, please hope that winter storm Iago snows me in. If he does, I swear I’ll write the querying tip post tomorrow (power/internet pending)! 😉


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