Picture Inspiration Prompt (Colder Than Winter)

Hey guys! Long time, no see. I’ve been very busy getting my apartment cleaned up for visitors. Hopefully now that it’s pretty much finished, I’ll be able to be more consistent with posts. So remember my writing prompt post? This month’s prompt was to find a picture (from the internet, one you took, whatever) and then create a short story or a poem based off of it. I’m a day early, but I wanted to go ahead and post since I’m back to “day one” on my blog schedule.

Here’s the picture that I found off weheartit.com:

Picture Source: weheartit.com
Picture Source: weheartit.com

Here’s the mock book cover that I made using the image (original picture has all the copyrights, etc) and my story!


                                                                            Colder Than Winter by J.N. Cahill

I’m not sure what feels more numb at the moment–my body, or my brain. Wrapping my shaking arms around myself, I continue to make my way home. Snow crunches beneath my feet as the icy breeze cuts into my skin. I bite my lip hard, trying to push back the tears I feel bubbling up inside. No luck. They spill out, warming a strip of my cheek on both sides. Sniffling, I wipe the tears away before they have a chance to freeze.

I’m not sure what’s worse–being out in the frigid cold of winter, fifteen minutes from my house, or the fact that my heart has been slashed into thin ribbons. My brain is still trying to process how I ended up this way. Why hadn’t I seen this coming? Why wasn’t I ever good enough for anyone? Would I ever find anyone who truly loved me for me, or was that some kind of pipe dream?

Ten more minutes. Five minutes away from him. Not that I expect him to change his mind and come running after me or anything. Stuff like that only seems to happen in the movies. And even if it did happen in real life, it wouldn’t happen to me. I’m not lucky enough.

Lifting my arms, I sneer at my attire–the black dress that he loved, with sleeves that don’t even come all the way down my arms. I’d left my warm winter coat back at his place, hanging by the door. I’d been too upset to retrieve it. Once I’d realized I’d forgotten it, I didn’t feel like going back to get it, either. I would look pathetic if I went back, even if it was to get back something that was mine. Too bad I’d been too stupid to grab it. I’m freezing.

Rubbing my goosebump covered arms, I take comfort that at least I’d had the good sense to wear my thick wool socks and knee-high boots. But the dress had been a big mistake. Silly me. I’d thought that he had a surprise for me. No one ever expects a break-up on their anniversary.

When my feet slip on a patch of ice, I resist the urge to scream. I resist the urge to collapse. It would be so easy to just lay here in the cold, letting it numb me into oblivion. To a place where everything would be numb. A place that would be colder than winter. More numb than the cold. Instead, I take a deep breath and keep walking. Just keep walking.


*If you wrote a prompt, please leave a link or post it in the comments (along with the picture that inspired you). I’d love to see what you came up with!



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