Writing Prompt: Write a “love” story!

Hey guys! Since it’s February (which features my anniversary AND Valentine’s Day, though we don’t really celebrate the latter), I thought it would be ideal to have a writing prompt that dealt with the theme of “love.”

The prompt:

Write a short story about love (it can be any kind of love, not just romantic!).

RULES: Your story must somehow deal with the theme of “love.”

Writing Prompts are due on February 28, 2012.

When you are finished with the prompt, please post a link to your entry below (or if you do not have a blog/website you can post to, you may post it in your comment).

I hope that you decide to do the prompt with me and that you have fun with it!

For this month’s prompt, I’m going to work on my short story sequel to Creeper. It’s a “love” story in a way. I’m planning the outline today and hoping to start writing ASAP. You Know You Love Me will be available on wattpad.com




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