Ask Me!

Ask Me!

Ask Me! is a weekly mini-interview where I answer questions, generally concerning my writing journey and works. You can send me a question any time and I will answer it for the next Ask Me! Please also include whether or not you want your first name published along with your question.


Q. Do you plan to write more stories with Emma (from Creeper)? Asked by Heather.

A. I don’t have a definite story or plot in place, but I would definitely enjoy writing about Emma in the future. – J.N.

Q. How did you come up with the idea for Whispertown? Asked by Angie.

A. Whispertown was written after I witnessed an ugly abortion debate online. It got me thinking about the “exceptions” that are always brought up and I wondered what would happen if a teenage girl ended up becoming pregnant because of a rape. Then I kept thinking and wondered how much more ironic would it be if the guy who assaulted her was supposed to be someone good and upstanding–someone like the pastor’s son? I wanted it to be a story that had a message to it. A story that wasn’t black or white and was about the character who was going through it, not the debate. – J.N.

Q. Is there going to be a sequel for Shades of Genesis? Asked by Sara.

A. I currently have no plans for a sequel. I’m not interested in writing a sequel for this book because I love how things played out in the end, but I could definitely see myself writing more about the characters. Maybe in some future short stories or something. – J.N.

Q. Do you listen to music while you write? Asked by Heather.

A. Not usually. Music tends to distract me from writing. However, I do find some songs inspiring. I listened to The Scientist by Coldplay several times while writing the first few chapters of Whispers of the Heart. Somehow, the song just fit and didn’t distract me from my writing. – J.N.

Q. How long have you been writing fiction? Asked by Angie.

A. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories, but I didn’t start writing them down until I was eight. My teacher assigned us the task of writing and illustrating a book. I was already a bookworm, but I had never thought about containing my ideas in writing until that project. – J.N.

Q. What writing program do you use? Asked by Angie.

A. I am in love with Scrivener. It has some really great tools and I love being able to separate my story into separate “parts.” However, I sometimes write in whatever program I have to. Notepad, Wordpad, E-mail, paper. When the need to write hits me, I find a way. – J.N.

Have questions for me? Post them here, send them via my Facebook page, or message it to me on Wattpad and I will answer them next time. Don’t forget to let me know whether or not I can post your first name.



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