Wattpad Worries (Why I Took Down my Work)

In case you haven’t heard, a few days ago, I got a bit of a nasty shock.  A fellow author from Wattpad had discovered that someone had listed their work as “published” on Goodreads.com. Out of pure curiosity, I typed Whispertown into the search bar on Goodreads. I was horrified when my title not only popped up, but also my pen name. As well as all of the work I had on Wattpad. This upset me because no one even bothered to get my permission before not only listing my books, but an entry for my pen name.  At first I suspected this was something new that Wattpad was doing, but now I have reason to believe that a fan with librarian privileges did this (flattering but not cool).

Now I am trying to get this listing removed because my work on Wattpad is not published (all work I have posted is in rough draft format only) and it could hurt my chances at becoming published. I don’t believe that the person who listed the books meant any harm but I am hoping that I can get this issue resolved.

But because of this, I no longer feel safe posting my work online (minus writing prompts). So if some of my links don’t work at the moment, I apologize. I have taken everything down from Wattpad besides Creeper and Student 58. This has upset some readers, but I am working on a solution so they can finish reading my work. Sadly they won’t be reading any new work after this, though. 😦 I just can’t take the chance. I’m leaving Creeper up because it was always meant to be a story to spread awareness and I want to continue doing that. I’ve also decided to leave Student 58 up because I never intended to publish it, anyway. My other works are another story.


Despite it all, I am grateful for Wattpad. It was there for me during a dark time–when inkpop.com had shut down and left us inkies stranded. While I didn’t get as much feedback on Wattpad, I did discover that people truly did enjoy my work for the most part. That gives me a positive feeling when it comes to thinking about publication. And even though this incident and a few others (typically consisting of people trying to copy my work) have left a sour taste in my mouth, there is a silver lining–it’s inspired me to get a move on when it comes to querying. As soon as I finish up Whispers of the Heart and You Know You Love Me, I plan to begin drafting my query letter and sending it out to appropriate agents. After that? Well, we’ll just have to see.

And if any of my fans are reading this, I just want you to know that you have been (and still are) awesome. Your support, comments, messages, and everything has meant so much to me. If I could thank each and every one of you individually, I would! You’ve helped me grow as a writer. You’ve inspired me to keep going with my work. You’ve inspired me to become serious about publication. You’ve made my day and made me smile when life got hard. I just want to say THANK YOU. Please stay in touch. I won’t be deleting my account and there’s lots of ways to contact me. I will still really enjoy hearing from you. ❤


2 thoughts on “Wattpad Worries (Why I Took Down my Work)

  1. Dear J.N.,

    This is the exact same reason I took my work off Wattpad the first time around. I also dislike Goodreads’ policy that, if it’s been added, you can’t remove it. All of this would’ve been such an easy fix otherwise.

    Anyway, I am really sorry this happened to you. I hope you have an effortless journey to the publishing route regardless.


    1. Ramisa, I hate to hear that happened to you as well. Are you saying that the entries cannot be removed? The other author who found her work on there managed to get hers removed. I still haven’t heard from Goodreads but the user did say she would request for them to be taken down so I’m really hoping that will work. Thanks so much.

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