Camp NaNoWriMo July 2013 (Blog Posting News!)

Hey guys! If you don’t know yet, the next session of Camp NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching. I wasn’t able to make the first session (April) and since I failed terribly trying to do both sessions last year, I decided to just do one this year. So I will be doing the July session. Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m going to be working on next month:


Title: Cluttered
Author: J.N. Cahill
Genre: Young-Adult
Synopsis Below

I just want to be a normal teenager.

I want to be able to have friends over for birthday parties and sleepovers and just because. I want to stop having to constantly worry about my little brother and sister. I want to live in a normal house where people can actually move without bumping into things.

I just want to live without the clutter.

The idea for Cluttered came from a marathon of Hoarders, which I was watching to motivate myself to clean my own messy space. It occurred to me that I had never read (or heard of) any YA that dealt with the topic of hoarding even though it clearly exists. I also have some experience with hoarders in my personal life, though nothing as great as some of the horror stories on that show. To my knowledge, there is only one young-adult book that deals with hoarding called Dirty Little Secrets. I have not read the book yet, but I really want to. Hopefully it will be nothing like Cluttered.


Since I will be busy with Camp NaNo this July, I have decided that most of the month’s blog posts will be filled with my updates and thoughts on the writing event instead of my usual blogging schedule. There will also be no writing prompt for this month. I hope that you will understand. I need as much time as possible to devote to Camp NaNo and Cluttered.


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