Querying News

Hey guys, today I started seriously researching agencies. Out of sixteen I circled in the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents book, I found five possibilities. The rest were either no longer accepting material or had shut down. Since I’ve barely scraped the B’s, this seems promising. After I check out the list of agents from the book, I will begin to find more online unless something major happens. I’ve decided that I am going to seriously begin querying in August, after Camp NaNo.

This means that I will no longer be doing querying tips unless I am given one from a real agent that I’ve queried. Instead, I will post all updates for the week regarding my querying journey. I hope you will find them as useful as the tips have hopefully been.

Anyway, after today there is only ONE more day until Camp NaNo. Tomorrow I will post my writing prompt result for the month and then I’ll be mostly posting about Camp NaNo during July. I’m very excited!



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