Result of June’s Writing Prompt


Here’s my writing prompt for June. The prompt was to write a screenplay scene. Let me know what you think. If you also did a prompt, please link me to it.



Scene Prompt


A young couple, BRETT and LENA, walk hand in hand across the football field and to the bleachers. The sun is about ten minutes from beginning to set. The grass is green and vibrant and the field lines have been freshly painted, ready for the new school year. When BRETT and LENA arrive at the deep blue metal bleachers, they turn to one another, still holding hands.

BRETT is wearing their school’s senior T-shirt, which is dark blue with a lime green snapping turtle on the front, and jeans with black athletic sneakers. He has blondish-orange hair swept back from his face, peach skin dotted with orangey freckles, and piercing green eyes.

LENA is wearing a black tank top which shows neon pink bra straps beneath, and dark denim shorts. Dirty white flip-flops on are her feet. Her toes and nails are painted neon pink and a silver locket dangles from her neck. She has her long black hair up into a ponytail. Her skin is a shade darker than his, no freckles, and her eyes are a dark brown.


I can’t believe it’s time.

LENA sighs wistfully, a small smile forming on her lips.


I know. This summer just flew by, huh?

BRETT quietly laughs.


I guess that’s how the last summers go.


Who said it’s the last summer?


Well, it’s our last summer.

LENA frowns, dropping BRETT’S hand. She wipes at her forehead with the freed hand.


Oh, come on, Lena. You know it is.

LENA looks away from him, pouting. She crosses her arms over her chest.

BRETT sighs.


Lena, I love you. You know that.

LENA spins around quickly.


Then why can’t we try to make this work?

BRETT looks frustrated before sighing again.


You know why. You saw the link I sent you. Long-distance just doesn’t work. I don’t want to ruin what we have. Better to end things now as friends and if we’re supposed to be, then we’ll get back together.


So you’re cool with the idea that I might meet someone who makes me forget about you?

BRETT frowns.


Of course not. But this is for the best, really.

LENA snorts.


And it’s easier to hook up with other people when you’re not in a LDR, right?



LENA sighs.


Long Distance Relationship?


Oh. No, that’s not the reason. I don’t want to hook up with anyone but you. But I don’t want to ruin this relationship by letting it die over time. I know some people can handle it, and I wish I could say I was one of them, but I’m not. I’m sorry for being weak.

BRETT looks down at the ground as if in defeat.

LENA’S face softens. She sighs.


I guess I can’t blame you for being honest, huh? Okay. Maybe it is for the best. It hurts, though. It hurts to let you go. It feels like. It feels like giving up.

BRETT shakes his head and reaches for her hand again.


It’s not. We’ll still be there for one another, but there won’t be as much pressure. We’re going to have enough of that as it is. Why not just enjoy what we had and hope that when we are closer together, that we still feel the same?

LENA looks at him for a moment before slowly nodding.



BRETT pulls LENA to him and hugs her.


We’ll be okay, Lena. We always are, right?

LENA nods, watching over BRETT’S shoulder as the sun begins to set.


Yeah. We are.

BRETT and LENA watch the sunset for a moment before they reluctantly separate just enough that BRETT has his arm around LENA. They start walking back to LENA’S house together for the last time.




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