New Blog Schedule & Updates

Hey guys! Well, I finished Cluttered within the thirty-one day deadline for Camp NaNo. Feeling pretty good about the results.

With that being said, I am taking a short break from working on any major projects until November. In the meantime, I am going to finish my query letter and start sending it out. I already have a few places to send it, and will hopefully find more as I’m able to get back to researching.

To give me plenty of time to succeed at my querying goals, I will be cutting back on the blog.


Here is what the new blogging schedule will consist of:

Start of the month–Writing Prompt

Day 1–Book Recommendation of the Week
Day 2–Book Review
Day 3-Book Vs the Movie
Day 4–Book Review
Day 5–Querying News/Updates

End of the Month–Writing Prompt Results Posted

I plan to host another book giveaway in September.

My Goals for the rest of 2013:

1. Write and polish query letter.
2. Send query letter to researched agencies.
3. Continue to research agencies.
4. Work on writing prompts and blog posts.
5. Work on Karen’s Not Home during September & October.
6. Re-write/Edit Whispertown for November NaNoWriMo.
7. Plan for next year’s goals.



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