New Header

Hey guys. I decided to change up my header and signature. What do you think? Even though my image doesn’t look blurry and is sized exactly as it should be, it’s looking blurry on my end. Is it blurry on your end, too?






4 thoughts on “New Header

    1. Cinzel Decorative (from is the font I used for the white text. The rainbow-colored text is a mix of FoglihtenNo4 (same font site as Cinzel) and Palatino–the FoglihtenNo4 is gorgeous but was too curvy for the “a”, “i”, and “l”s so I went with a more basic yet similar styled font so it wouldn’t be overkill. I’m going to work with it a little more. I’m a graphic designer so things not turning out clear just bugs me. It’s clear on my end and I’ve tried several things but nothing seems to be clearing up. Web searches have revealed that this seems to be a WordPress header issue.

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