Funny Coincidences

So last week I learned that I’d won yet another thing from author Daisy Whitney–a personalized postcard featuring photos from Paris, where her newest book, Starry Nights, is set in. Since this was the third thing I’d won from her, I felt a little bad that I hadn’t gotten her newest book, When You Were Here. Honestly, I probably have at least fifty unread books laying around the house already, but I went ahead and bought it.

Today I opened my mailbox to find not only the postcard from Daisy Whitney, but also the  book I’d ordered. How funny is that? I love “funny” coincidences. This was too good of one not to share. I plan to start When You Were Here right after I finish my latest review books. Can’t wait. I especially can’t wait for the upcoming book from her called Starry Nights because it’s set in Paris and has such a gorgeous cover. Okay, enough fangirling for now. 😉






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