Query/Agent/Publishing News: Pitch Madness & My First Query Letter


Hey guys. I haven’t done any more agent research (I know, I know!), but that’s because I’ve been busy with other things. Like writing and submitting a short story for the Choice Out Loud contest and condensing my current pitch to be under thirty-five words (quite a challenge) for #PitchMadness.

What’s #PitchMadness? Basically, if you have a completed novel, you submit a thirty-five maximum word pitch along with the first two hundred and fifty words of your manuscript. Then slush readers go through the submissions and pick the best ones. Eventually there will be sixty final entries. Then the agent round begins, in which agents begin to compete for books that they want.

So I submitted Peace Represent and am anxiously waiting to hear the results in September. If it doesn’t make it, there will be another but different pitch contest on September 12th. The only problem with this is that I will be out of town so I’m really hoping that my pitch is one of the chosen ones. But, if not, I’ll just suck it up and keep trying. I do plan to get back into agent researching, though.

I did manage to write my first query letter. It’s definitely not an easy task, but I feel very accomplished now. I plan to send it to an agent who is offering to critique queries so I can know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for the results of PitchMadness as well as my query critique in the meantime.


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