My First Query Letter & Rejection?

Hey guys, so the other day I mentioned that I was sending my first query to an agent who was willing to either request the manuscript if she was interested or give an honest opinion on why she wouldn’t. Since it was my first query, I was definitely nervous, but I got the response tonight. It was a short one, but left me feeling relieved. The agent simply stated that it wasn’t for her and that it can be hard to sell religious content in the commercial market.

I’m going to assume that means that my query and first chapter wasn’t terrible, then. I guess this is also my first rejection. I don’t even feel bad about it because it makes me feel confident that the only thing that turned the agent away was the subject matter. Since I tend to drift toward writing about religious subjects, I’m going to try and focus on agents who accept/enjoy them. Just thought I’d share this news. I’ll post the results of this month’s writing prompt later.



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