Book Recommendation of the Week: Dear Lilly: From Father to Daughter by Peter Greyson


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This week’s book recommendation is Dear Lilly: From Father to Daughter: The Truth about Life, Love, and the World We Live In by Peter Greyson.

Dear Lilly is a book that Mr. Greyson wrote in an attempt to explain serious issues to his daughter, Lilly. It is now available for all girls (or anyone) to read. I think this is a great book for girls who are beginning to become more mature, especially if they have parents who are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about these issues.

While I didn’t agree with every single thing in this book, there was a lot that I did agree with, and I believe it has also helped my younger sister, who has had a hard time with some of these issues. I’m approaching my late twenties and still found some of the content to be helpful.


A father offers his advice, opinions, and the many useful stories gleaned from his past experiences in order to help his beloved daughter not only survive, but thrive in the dangerous and unpredictable world of young adulthood.

From the pen of a former abused child, drug addict, womanizing frat boy, and suicidal depressive, comes forth the emotionally stirring account of a young man’s battle with crippling inner demons and his eventual road to enlightenment. Peter Greyson calls upon his wisdom as both father and school teacher to gently lead teenage girls through a maze of truth, deception, and adolescent uncertainty. Greyson’s literary style sparkles with a youthful enthusiasm that will capture your heart and provide boundless inspiration.

“Dear Lilly “is a survival guide that offers the brutally honest male perspective to young women struggling for answers to life’s deepest questions. Topics include: Boys lie, What every guy wants from his girlfriend, Tales from the drug world, Everybody hurts, High school exposed.



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