Book Review–Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn


This is the forty-fourth book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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Summer Promise (Christy Miller #1) by Robin Jones Gunn

Published September 1st, 1998

As 14-year old Christy leaves her family’s Wisconsin farm to spend the summer at her wealthy aunt and uncle’s beach home in Newport, she realizes this could be the best season of her life. . Through it all, will Christy keep her promise to her parents not to do anything she’ll regret?


***The following review may contain slight spoilers. You have been warned.***

Summer Promise is the first book in the Christy Miller series. This is a book series aimed at young Christian girls. I think I would have liked this one better back when I was really big into Melody Carlson’s True Colors series. I thought that this was at least worth checking out because I read Beverly Lewis’ Holly’s Heart series a while back and enjoyed it. Christy Miller seemed similar.

I give this a 2.5, but it really was just “okay.” There were some things that I liked, but also things that I didn’t.


The text is blue!

Main character (Christy) is mostly realistic. She’s not perfect, she’s naive at times, she throws temper tantrums. Definitely no Mary Sue.

Good message overall.

Enjoyed Christy’s uncle.

Dealt with REAL issues (drugs, boys, friendship, death, religion).

Great setting (the beach!).


I felt that Christy was mostly realistic except for a few parts which seemed forced. Usually these parts were the ones that dealt with religion or salvation.

Christy’s aunt really got on my nerves.

Didn’t care for the love interest at all.

The Christian singer at the concert got on my nerves.

The book was “too preachy” at times.

I would recommend this one for young girls discovering their faith who don’t mind books that are a bit too preachy. I just don’t tend to enjoy books (Christian or non-Christian) that makes me feel like I’m being preached to.

I have the other two books in the series. I *may* read them just so I can give the series a fair chance, but we’ll see.




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