31 Nights of Horror + Why I Love October

Hey guys. I’ll be posting my September writing prompt later this week. If you decided to do one, please let me know.

October is here, and with it, lots of fun. October is probably my second favorite month of the year for many reasons. Fall is my favorite, and October is when is really begins to show its colors. I love how the leaves change colors and become crackly, I love the many pumpkin scented and flavored goodies, and I love the cool (but not too cold!) weather. A display of bright orange and white pumpkins makes me smile.

But the reason I most love October is because of Halloween. I was raised on horror movies, and Halloween has always been my second favorite holiday. Goosebumps books were a staple in my house and I loved trick-or-treating. Every Halloween, I try to watch as many Halloween-related and scary movies that I can, but it wasn’t until last year when I came up with “31 Nights of Horror.”

Basically I compile a list before October of movies that I wish to see during the month of October. While most of the movies on the list are horror flicks, there’s also some that aren’t. For instance, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! and Hocus Pocus are yearly traditions for me every Halloween. They’re definitely on this year’s list. I thought it might be fun to blog my thoughts about these movies this year. Last year, I used Facebook to record my thoughts. I unfortunately didn’t make it to every movie, but I’m going to really try this year.

Here’s my list for this year. It’s still a bit of a tentative list, since some films are in theaters or may just be leaving, so I wanted to have some extra options just in case.

For this month, I will not be doing any Book vs Movie posts since I’m already going to be blogging about movies. Book vs Movie posts will return in December. Tonight I watched Evil Dead (2013) with my fiance’. I’d already seen this in theaters earlier this year, but he didn’t so I decided to re-watch it with him. I’ll write a more in-depth post later.

I cannot express how excited I am now that October is finally here–I. Just. Can’t.

Picture Source: sobered-notion.tumblr.com
Picture Source: sobered-notion.tumblr.com


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