Book Review–The A-List (A-List #1) by Zoey Dean


This is the forty-fifth book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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The A-List (A-List #1) by Zoey Dean

Published September 1st, 2003

Welcome to The A-List, a wickedly funny and risqué paperback original novel that takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. Seventeen-year-old Upper East Side blueblood Anna (“pronounced Aaaanah”) Percy is on her way to Beverly Hills, California, where she’ll live with her estranged dad for the rest of the school year while her mother travels to Europe with a friend.

On the plane, Anna drinks too much champagne and gets hit on by record producer Rick Resnick. Luckily Princeton student Ben Birnbaum is there to save her and he invites Anna to famous actor Jackson Sharpe’s wedding, where Anna meets the cast of rich and famous characters who are soon to be her classmates at Beverly Hills High. The fast times of Beverly Hill’s most beautiful and glamorous people drive the page-turning action of this juicy new novel.


I’ve actually read this and a few of the others in the series before, but it’s been years. I thought it might make good summer reading, especially now that I own most of them or can easily find them. The A-List isn’t what I would consider a “great” read, but it was rather enjoyable, like watching a soap opera.

The main character, Anna, is likable, as is Adam and Django. I also strangely enjoyed Sam and Dee as characters, even though they are part of the “mean girl” trio. I like how the characters, even the ones we are supposed to dislike, are complex. Even Cammie Shepard, the meanest girl in the book, has a soft side–her mother. Hearing about her mother and the whole Charlotte’s Web mural actually made me feel sorry for her. I even liked Ben, though I am unsure of whether or not he is telling the truth.

I’m very interested in seeing how this series plays out. Aside from the plot and the characters, it was a fast read and the writing is decent. The author does a great job at capturing the surroundings though I do admit that some of the name dropping got a little overwhelming at times.

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, mean girls, rich settings, and/or soap dramas, you’ll probably like The A-List. Books like these are my guilty pleasure.




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