NaNoWriMo 2013 Plans

Hey guys. I thought I’d go into more detail concerning my plans for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is a national writing month competition that is held each year during November. The goal is to complete a fifty thousand word novel within thirty days. There are sometimes prizes and goodies, but the real prize is the work itself. A lot of people hate on the event because they believe it produces rushed, terrible writing. While this may sometimes be true, I don’t think any of my works has ever been flawless in the first draft–that’s what revisions are for.

I love NaNoWriMo because it pushes me to make time to write each day, or at least as much as possible. Even if the writing isn’t fantastic, I always have plans to edit later on. It’s also fun because you can interact with other participants. This will be my third year. Previous years I completed Shades of Genesis and Strawberry Sunrises. This year I am going to re-write Whispertown.

Why? As much as I would love to write something new, I know Whispertown needs a serious edit and NaNoWriMo is the perfect time to do it. I plan to tear the book apart and completely re-write it. Sure, I’ll keep some scenes, but there’s also a lot of new ones I will be adding, or some that I will be changing. I want to have Whispertown finished so I can begin querying with it as well. As much as I love Peace Represent, I feel that Whispertown will appeal more to readers. At least this seemed to be the case on Wattpad.

During the month of November, I will be posting daily (if possible) about my progress with NaNo. All my regular posts (with perhaps the exception of Book Reviews, as I need to catch up) will be suspended until the event is over. I need to save my energy for my book, after all. I’d also like to do some posts concerning NaNoWriMo and how I prepare for the event, so stay tuned.


Are you participating? If so, what will you be writing? I’d love to hear from you!




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