Book Recommendation of the Week: How to be a Vampire by R.L. Stine


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So I’m supposed to either update you guys on my querying/publishing/agent news OR about what I’ve been working on. That’s a bit of a problem since I don’t really have anything to say for neither. It’s been a rough week. I hope you’ll enjoy a book recommendation instead. 🙂

Since I love Halloween, I thought it might be fun to recommend horror books this month. This week’s book recommendation is How to be a Vampire (Ghosts of Fear Street #13) by R.L. Stine.

This was one of my favorite vampire stories growing up. It’s geared more toward middle-grade, but I still think it’s a fun and creative story. Also, despite loving the horror genre, most of my favorites are Stephen King and I don’t want to end up recommending ALL his books.



One morning, Andrew woke up undead.First there were the bite marks on his neck.Then he tried to eat garlic…yikes And now he’s got this weird urge to sleep upside down.

Not that Andrew minds turning into a vampire.He’ll be able to stay up all night, fly, and scare his sister silly.Cool

But then Andrew meets his vampire teacher, one really scary guy.

Andrew isn’t ready for a lesson on how to sleep in a coffin — or how to drink blood

But does he have a choice?




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