Book Review–The Message (Animorphs #4) by K.A. Applegate


This is the 52nd book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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The Message (Animorphs #4) by K.A. Applegate

Published 1996

It all started with the dreams. But Cassie didn’t pay much attention to them. She and her friends had all been having weird dreams since they’d first learned to morph. Maybe it was just some crazy side effect.

That’s when Cassie discovers that Tobias has been having the exact same dreams. Dreams about the ocean. And a strange feeling that someone is calling to them. Calling for help.

Now Cassie, Tobias, Jake, Rachel, and Marco have to figure out if the dreams are a message – or a trap. And if it is a trap, it could mean the end – for everyone…



***Review may contain slight spoilers from previous books. You have been warned***

I used to love this series growing up. And while I do not love them as much now that I’m re-reading them–mostly due to the reading level/writing style–I am still finding them enjoyable. This one was one of my favorites growing up and it may be my favorite in the series so far as I’m re-reading them.

Cassie is my favorite female character of the group. She’s a good person who really cares about both people and animals. Her little crush with Jake is also too cute. I like dolphins pretty well, so reading about them was another plus. I also liked this plot the best out of all of them.

A new character, who I remember adoring, has also made their appearance. Who is this new character? You’ll have to read to find out.

Overall I believe the plots are getting better, the relationships between the Animorphs are growing, and things are getting even more interesting.




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