Hi guys! First of all, thank you for bearing with me as I catch up on my book reviews. You guys are awesome. I’m sure you’re sick of them by now, but I need to get them posted. 🙂 I promise that as soon as I get them all posted, I’ll go back to the posting schedule. I plan to watch some more YA movies, though I did see Catching Fire a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The only problem is that I read the book last year and I’ve forgotten some of it. So if I do a book vs movie post, I should probably re-read that book….

I’ve decided to keep the current posting schedule for next year for the most part, but I think I’m going to add writing tips again. I’m not sure I have the time or energy to do it every week, but maybe every two weeks I could do one. Would any of you like to see writing tips again?

As you bear with me through these numerous book reviews, stay tuned for my Best of 2013 post, which I’m planning on posting sometime after Christmas. It’s been a good year!




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