Book Review–One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt


Apologies for the delay, guys. Had difficulties getting to my computer over the holidays. I hope that you had a safe and wonderful holiday! Going to try to get all my reviews caught up by the 31st so bear with me!

This is the 78th book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Published May 10th, 2012


Twelve-year-old Carley Connors can take a lot. Growing up in Las Vegas with her fun-loving mother, she’s learned to be tough. But she never expected a betrayal that would land her in a foster care. When she’s placed with the Murphys, a lively family with three boys, she’s blindsided. Do happy families really exist? Carley knows she could never belong in their world, so she keeps her distance.

It’s easy to stay suspicious of Daniel, the brother who is almost her age and is resentful she’s there. But Mrs. Murphy makes her feel heard and seen for the first time, and the two younger boys seem determinded to work their way into her heart. Before she knows it, Carley is protected the boys from a neighbourhood bullly and even teaching Daniel how to play basketball. Then just when she’s feeling like she could truly be one of the Murphys, news from her mother shakes her world.


I knew from the first few chapters that I would end up liking this book–became a fast, enjoyable read. It revolves around a twelve-year-old girl who is put into a foster family until her mother, who is in the hospital from an abusive situation, gets better.

I haven’t read many books dealing with this situation, but it seemed to be pretty accurate, especially when it came to the main character’s reactions. It was easy to sympathize for poor Carley. Even when she was being bratty, I could still understand that she was reacting this way out of pain. I really liked her character’s development. I almost teared up near the end.

The Murphys were portrayed as the family that Carley never had, but who still had their own issues. I particularly liked Mrs. Murphy and the two youngest boys, though I did like the relationship between Mr. Murphy and Carley’s friend (it was amusing). Carley and Toni also had an interesting relationship that I enjoyed seeing change.

I have to admit that I’d hoped the ending would be different, but it still ended on a good note. It makes me wish that this book had a sequel or was part of a series–it would be cool to see Carley as she ages.

A great book for young readers that explores what it really means to love unconditionally.




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