Book Review–Dead Beat (The Dresden Files #7) by Jim Butcher


This is the 82nd book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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Dead Beat (The Dresden Files #7) by Jim Butcher
Published May 3rd, 2005


When a killer vampire threatens to destroy head of Special Investigations Karrin Murphy’s reputation unless Harry delivers the powerful Word of Kemmler to her, he has no choice. Now Harry is in a race against time to find the Word before Chicago experiences a Halloween night to wake the dead.



I didn’t like this one quite as much as the last, but it was still really entertaining. The plot wasn’t as good and got a little boring at times.

I loved that there was more of a focus on Butters, who I remembered liking when I started this one but realized I really didn’t know. Butters also has some great development in this one. There’s one scene in which Butters had me cracking up, concerning the relationship of Harry and Thomas. You’ll know it when you read it.

I missed not having Murphy in this one, but I really liked some of the revelations in this one. There’s also a really cool/hilarious part involving Bob the skull and a dinosaur at the end. Very interested in what will happen in the next book.





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