Book Review–The Predator (Animorphs #5) by Katherine Applegate


This is the 92nd book from my 200 Book Reading Challenge.

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The Predator (Animorphs #5) by Katherine Applegate
Published December 1996


Marco never wanted to be an Animorph. He never wanted the ability to change into any animal he touches. He just wants to chill. Whatever happens, happens.

Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Tobias know why Marco feels the way he does. He’s worried about his dad — the only family Marco has left. And if anything happens to him, his father will be all alone.

But something is about to change Marco’s mind. It seems the Yeerks have a little surprise waiting for him. And it’s definitely not nice. Now Marco has a reason to fight…


***The following contains minor spoilers. You’ve been warned.***

I liked getting to see Marco’s POV in this one. It helped me to understand him and his situation better. Really liked the opening scene and the intent behind it. I wasn’t so crazy about the plot, but I did like that they had some interesting morphs like the lobsters and the ants. The morphs seemed pretty realistic and I liked the end results of the lobster one.

Not my favorite of the Animorphs series, but I still enjoyed it. The twist toward the end was a surprise and I’m intrigued on how it will affect the rest of the series. I’m also enjoying the budding of Cassie and Jake’s “romance.”




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