What I’m Working On: January 2014 Update


After I re-wrote Whispertown for NaNoWriMo, I decided to take a writing break in December. Which was perfect because I ended up being very busy during the month with Christmas and other things.

But as December began coming to an end, as well as the year of 2013, I began to wonder about what project to work on next. Because honestly,  I didn’t have a clue. While I still have some unfinished projects (Karen’s Not Home, Scattered, etc), I wasn’t feeling any of those. I was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t have anything to write and would have to do another edit/re-write (which I don’t want to do until later in the year).

Thankfully I keep most of my projects, even the ones I’m kind of ashamed of.  I was cleaning out my desk when I stumbled across all the stories I wrote by word processor or by hand. Most were written back in high school, college, and my early first years after I entered the working world. My two earliest “books”, which are probably closer to being long short stories or perhaps novellas if I’m lucky, created this warm feeling of nostalgia inside when I came across them. I remembered having a blast writing and coming up with them. They are loosely based on The Wildflowers series under the V.C. Andrews name and parts of her other series.

These two books were the first in a series I was creating called  CHALTS. CHALTS got its name from the first letter of the main characters (five) and then the “S” to make it plural. I had plans for the series to consist of four books, but I only finished the first two and a little of the third. CHALTS is about a group of teenagers (Carrie, Honey, Ariel, Lori, and Terry) who befriend one another despite their differences and learn one another’s deepest secrets due to an English project.

Original copy of CHALTS.
Original copy of CHALTS.

The sequel, CHALTS Graduation, continued to unveil new secrets and drama between the girls as they wait for Graduation Day. The next book, CHALTS Reunion, was set years later when the girls are adults with families of their own. They are reunited over the disappearance of one of the girls. The last book, CHALTS Generation, focused on the girls’ grown children as they discover their family’s secrets.

I want to keep the same feel with the CHALTS, but I definitely want to re-invent how they tell their stories–and maybe even change some of them. I’m also considering giving them new names, which would of course give the series a new name, too. I’ve been struggling with that decision. Sometimes it’s hard to change something because of the warm and fuzzy feelings the original brings.

My original copy of CHALTS Graduation.
My original copy of CHALTS Graduation.

So for the rest of January, February, and possibly March, I will be working on re-inventing the characters, plot, secrets, and more. I’m only going to write one book for now, though. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, have a new blog for you to check out! A Writer’s Tempest!



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