What I’m Working On: January 2014 Update #2


Since I haven’t really done any more querying (I know, shame on me!), I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been working on.

Last time I posted how I was about to start re-writing a project I wrote back in high school called CHALTS. It’s about five teenage girls who befriend one another despite their differences and learn one another’s deepest secrets during an English assignment. It was hard to get back into planning and writing. Maybe the Whispertown edit for NaNo wore me out?

Anyway, here’s the old cover. Yes, I drew the characters. It’s one thing I actually really like about the project.

Original copy of CHALTS.
Original copy of CHALTS.

I made a new working cover for it. Not quite as personable, but I like it well enough. At least until I think of something better.


I’ve finished part of the outline for this, updated the characters–I changed Terry’s spelling to Terri and Honey’s name to Hayleigh. I’ve also changed some of their secrets and personal details. Some are only shells of their old characters, but it needed to be done. I’ve almost finished the first chapter, too. I still need to finish the overall outline of where I want the book to go, but so far it’s going a bit more smoothly now that I’ve got it going.

I’m going to work on sending out more queries for Peace Represent. I did find a new agent to query to on Twitter. Maybe if I keep her agent page up, I’ll be motivated. I might start editing Whispertown next month, or maybe in March. I’m finding myself really eager to query it. Maybe because it’s my favorite work ❤



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