What I’m Working On: Feb 2014 Update


It’s been an extremely hectic month. In between having my laptop charger die and having to work a lot, I’ve also been working on a new fitness plan for myself, started an Etsy store, and am still working on Chalts. Sadly I have not gotten any more queries sent out nor have I finished my synopsis yet. I’m hoping things will calm down a little so I can get back into that. I would ideally like to continue querying Peace Represent until I have a chance to look over and edit Whispertown one more time. Just a quick edit–no more re-writes!

So far I have over 12K of Chalts, though. I’m having a lot of fun with the re-write and the story is much better than is used to be.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been working on writing-wise. I need to take another peak at this year’s writing goals and make sure I’m not too far behind my original schedule. Thank you for sticking with me minus the somewhat hectic posting schedule. I ❤ you!




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