Book Recommendation of the Week: Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate


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This week’s book recommendation is Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate. While I had been a fan of Lisa Wingate before, this is probably one of her best that I’ve ever read. I was lucky enough to win it on Goodreads’ First Reads contest last year and it was one of my favorites from 2013. The story is told from two very different points of view–One is an elderly man trying to solve a mystery that he believes only exists within his mind at first and the other is a struggling, mixed teenager. These two very unlikely characters make a surprisingly good team as they embark on an adventure together.


All her life, Epiphany Salerno has been tossed like a dandelion seed on the wind. Now, at sixteen, she must move to the low-rent side of Blue Sky Hill and work where she’s not wanted: in an upscale home on The Hill.

J. Norman Alvord’s daughter has hired a teenager to stay with him in the afternoons. Widowed and suffering from heart trouble, Norman wants to be left alone. But in Epie’s presence, Norman discovers a mystery- memories of another life and a woman who saved him. As he and Epie take an unexpected road trip through sleepy Southern towns, they form a life-changing friendship-and uncover long-held family secrets.




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