Writing Tip: Writing Exercise #4: Writing in Verse


Hey guys. I’ve decided that for a while, I’m going to continue with just writing exercises. I find them more fun than the tips. However, if you have any ideas for tips that you’d like to see, please DO leave me a comment!

Writing Exercise #4: Write a short prompt in verse form (like Ellen Hopkins, author of CRANK, uses).






I decided to take my first few paragraphs from Peace Represent and re-write them in verse.


I’m laying on my bed


When I hear the gunshots outside.

I shoot up

Press the book to my chest

The sound seems to echo

In my ears.

My heart is pounding





I sit there

Too frozen to do anything

But listen

No other sounds come.

My muscles begin to relax.

I lay back down

Turning onto my side.

My heart still pounding

So hard that

It is the only sound

Filling my head.





How did you do? Feel free to share!




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