Writing Tip: Writing Exercise #6: Fun with the Alphabet


Writing Exercise #6: Write a story that is 26 sentences long. Each sentence needs to begin with a different consecutive letter of the alphabet, beginning with “a” and ending with “z.” Exercise courtesy of Huffington Post.





Amber began walking home from the park. Buses and cars passed quickly, but she was content with walking. Cool air was whispering to her cheeks. Dancing over every exposed bit of skin. Easter would soon be arriving. Flowers were just beginning to bloom. Gardens had started becoming more colorful as the plants and flowers came back to life. Hands deep in her warm pockets, Amber continued to walk, enjoying the scenery.

It was finally Spring. Joy radiated in her heart just from seeing all of the new life growing around her. Kicking at a stone, she watched as it scuttled to the end of the sidewalk. Laughing, she slid her hands out of her pockets. Music began playing from Amber’s phone. Nosy, she plucked her phone from her pocket, wondering who was calling. Oh. Peter.

Quirky Peter Billings. Resisting the urge to laugh, she put the phone back in her pocket. Soon she would reach her destination. Then she would take a nap, she decided. Under the tree in the hammock out in her front yard. Very nice. With pillows and a light blanket. X marks the spot! Yawning, she smiled as she approached her yard. Zigzagging around a sleeping cat, Amber made a beeline straight for the hammock.

Wow! That was interesting.

If you decided to participate, I’d love to see what you came up with!




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