Writing Tip: Writing Exercise #7: Mad Libs


Writing Exercise #7: Go to http://www.itsamadlibsworld.com/ and choose one to complete. Have fun with it and be as creative as you want. Mad Libs are a great way to think outside the box and also strengthen your usage of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and more. Plus sometimes they can turn out to be really funny.





Here’s the result of mine:

World Series Broadcast
By: Roger Price & Leonard Stern

Hard to believe — no, impossible to believe! Here we are in the bottom of the ninth cat, the score is tied, there are two outs and the fishes are loaded . . . yes, the count on the batter is eight and ten. What an unbelievable moment! There isn’t a fan sitting in his or her woman. They’re all standing on their nose, screaming at the top of their fire hydrants. Here comes the pitch. It’s a 90 mile-an-hour shiny ball. Foul! Jessie just managed to run the ball with the end of his puppy. Harold rubs up another cookie, steps on the alligator, and gets his computer from the catcher squatting behind the mouse. Here it comes . . . and there it goes! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a seven-foot home run. Wow! What a/an hard ending to a truly grimy game.





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