Writing Tip: Preparing for #PitMad


First of all, you’re probably wondering–what is #PitMad?


It’s a social media event in which writers pitch their finished manuscript’s pitches on Twitter using 140 characters (including the necessary #PitMad hash tags as well as the genre hash tag). It’s best to have several variations of a pitch because Twitter may not let you use the same one over and over again. If an agent favorites a pitch, the writer can query directly to them based on the agent’s guidelines for #PitMad. It’s basically a way for writers to get their pitches out there and for agents to find pitches they may be interested in reading.

Picture Source: www.ecircle.com
Picture Source: http://www.ecircle.com

The event typically lasts for 12 hours. Writers can submit two variations of their pitch per hour. The manuscript for the pitch must also be complete. For full details, visit Brenda Drake’s guidelines.


Here are some of my personal guidelines for preparing for #PitMad. This year’s was my first, but I didn’t find participating in the event to be too challenging, though it definitely made me anxious:


1. Make sure you keep up with when #PitMad starts and ends.

2. Spend some time perfecting your pitches.

3. I composed my pitches on Twitter without sending them to ensure they would fit (along with needed hash tags).

4. Have several variations of your book pitch ready.

5. Be prepared to tweet your pitches on #PitMad day. If you are not going to be near a computer, try keeping the pitch list on your phone so you can copy and paste onto your Twitter app (how I sent most of mine during the day). There are also apps that can send tweets for you though I have never used them.

6. If you feel your pitches are weak, find a critique partner.


With that being said, I had fun with #PitMad. I met some new people, read some pretty cool pitches, and also learned how to make variations of my original pitch. Still waiting on whether or not I will get any requests, but it never hurts to get your ideas out there, right?





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