Writing Tip: Entering Twitter Contests


This isn’t really a writing tip per say, but I think it’s important enough to merit a post if you’re serious about writing. Especially if you’re serious about getting published. Social media is a wonderful way to get yourself out there, build up a fan base, and maybe even be discovered by agents. For writers, your best bet is to get a Twitter account. Why? Because there are tons of contests in which agents could possibly become interested in your work.

There’s #PitchMadness, which is a contest that is held every March and September where writers can enter for a chance to win agent requests. Writers submit 35 maximum word pitched and the first 250 words of their completed manuscript. For the next two weeks, a team of readers choose the top sixty entries. These entries go to the agent round and the participating agents compete against one another to win requests for their favorite entries. This can lead to a partial or full manuscript read of the entry.

Even if you don’t make it to the top sixty, it’s a great idea to enter. You can meet fellow writers on Twitter and the reader team will also post tips for future #PitchMadness events–like what NOT to do.  I have participated twice. While my entries have never been chosen, I’ve met some cool people on Twitter and also learned a lot.



Picture Source: www.ecircle.com
Picture Source: http://www.ecircle.com

There’s also an event called #PitMad, which usually occurs after #PitchMadness. For this event, writers are allowed to tweet two variations of their book pitches per hour for 24 hours using the #PitMad hashtag. Participating agents may favorite tweets they are interested in hearing more about.

This week yet another event was hosted on Twitter, called #NestPitch which is similar to #PitchMadness. There are probably even more contests and events on Twitter–you just have to keep your eyes out for them. The best way to keep aware is to set up a Twitter account and follow the people in charge of these events–and those who help with the submissions.

It’s a great opportunity to grow as a writer, become more involved in the community, and possibly be recognized for your work. So what are waiting for? Get yourself a Twitter and start entering contests!





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