What I’m Working On: April 2014 Update #2


Hey guys.

Apologies for the erratic posting this month. I’ve had a lot going on. I haven’t been doing too much lately, though I am on the fourth girl’s POV in Chalts. So far hers is the hardest to write. Still got a way to go for hers and then I only have one more POV left. Other than that, I think I will be receiving some feedback from my submission for #NestPitch. I got an e-mail about it anyway. I’m going to see what they say, make some changes, then hopefully move on with querying Whispertown. 

My May plans include finishing Chalts and deciding whether to do a re-write/edit of a previous work or start a new project. Or maybe work on an old project like Karen’s Not Home, Scattered, or turn my short story, The Birthday Bash, into a full-length novel. There’s so many possibilities! I definitely want to participate in Camp NaNo this July, though. I just have to figure out what I’m going to write.





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