Book Recommendation of the Week: It Came From Ohio: My Life As A Writer by R.L. Stine, Joe Arthur


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This week’s book recommendation is It Came From Ohio: My Life As A Writer by R.L. Stine, Joe Arthur. I don’t typically recommend biographies/autobiographies, but if you’ve ever been a fan of R.L. Stine and his books, it’s a must-read. This is one of the books that cemented my desire to become a writer. While many things attribute to my love for writing, R.L. Stine holds a special place. And reading about his childhood and find a few things in common with him gave me even more confidence to keep at it. Plus the man has a pretty interesting life. I just found out recently that there is a similar book for the Goosebumps Illustrator called It Came from New Jersey: My Life as an Artist by Tim Jacobus that I’m dying to read.



A best-selling author tells kids everything they ever wanted to know about him–and Goosebumps! What was R.L. Stine like as a kid? How did he start writing books? Where does he get all his scary ideas? These and many more questions are answered in this humorous, fast-paced biography. Photos, line drawings.







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