Writing Tip: Writing Exercise #11: Write a Short Story using Random Words


Writing Exercise #11: Write a short story using random words. Go here to get six random words.





Here’s mine:

Six Random Words: anyone, faint, freak, lollipop, parcel, cell

Lauren let out a deep breath, crossing her arms over her body as she made her way to the mailbox. Despite the weather being warm and clear, it seemed like there wasn’t anyone else around. Shrugging, she slowed her speed, wanting to enjoy the finally warm air and the sun’s rays as it beamed down at her.

After she unlocked her mailbox, she reached inside and pulled out a parcel. She grinned. “Yes! I bet it’s my book!” Shoving it beneath her arm, she locked the mailbox again and started back to her house. There was someone out here now. A man on the sidewalk holding a big pink lollipop. She paused, unsure of what to do. He looked ridiculous standing there, yet the sight of him made a shiver of uneasiness creep down her spine.

Lauren finally decided to just get home as fast as possible. Taking a detour would take too long. He could follow her. No, the best way was to go through the bushes and make a run for it. Who cared if she looked like a freak? Better safe than sorry. Better safe than dead. Or tied up in the back of a van somewhere. She shivered at the thought before making her way toward home, but near the bushes.

“Hi,” the man called out, smiling.

Lauren refused to respond and instead skirted into the bushes. She didn’t look over at the man, but heard him yell out in protest. Her heart beat began to thud throughout her body and adrenaline kicked in, making her legs pump faster and faster. She came flying out of the bushes moments later. Her free hand went to her pocket. For a moment her hand searched, but the denim was smooth. She couldn’t believe it–she’d left her cell!

Against her better judgement, she turned her head to look behind her, but no one was there. Refusing to believe he was gone, she turned back around and kept running. By the time she reached her house, she felt like she was going to faint. Without bothering to check for the man, she unlocked the front door, swung herself inside, and locked it behind her. Then she leaned back against the door and began to sob. When she later looked outside, there was no sign of the man. The next time she went to check the mail, she made sure other people were outside. She made sure she had her phone. The man wasn’t there. But there was a white paper lollipop stick laying right on sidewalk.





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