Book Review–Summer Boys (Summer Boys #1) by Hailey Abbott




This is the 60th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.



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Summer Boys (Summer Boys #1) by Hailey Abbott
Published June 1st 2004 by Scholastic Paperbacks

 From the creators of GOSSIP GIRL comes a fresh, edgy take on teenage romance. Three interconnected stories explore the different stages of love over the course of one summer on the seashore.

It’s summer. It’s hot. And it’s time to hook up.

Cousins Ella, Beth, and Jamie are at their family’s beach house, and they’re gearing up for the wildest time of their lives. Sassy Ella is majorly crushing on a cute older boy — who just happens to be her sister’s new boyfriend. Meanwhile, practical Beth is surprised when she finds herself falling for her best friend George. And shy, creative Jamie gets her heart broken when her summer love abandons her.

Three girls, too many boys, and some seriously stormy romances…it all adds up to one unforgettable summer.



At first, I wasn’t so sure about this one, but the more I read, the better it got. There are three main characters–three girls who are cousins–and each has their own romantic situation during the summer. Jamie tries to make a past long-distance relationship work, Ella falls for a guy who goes after her big sister, and Beth is in love with her best guy friend, George, who seems interested in someone else.

While on the surface the book only looks like it’s going to be about shallow summer relationships, it’s more than that. The relationships and struggles are realistic and could easily happen in real life. Most of the characters, especially the main ones, also develop throughout the course of the book. It was a nice surprise.

It was easy to relate to Jamie because I was once in a similar situation as her with my first serious relationship. I also felt for Beth, and even somewhat for Ella. However, I have to admit that the only relationship I rooted for was Beth and George. Their relationship/friendship interested me the most.

Pretty good. Not sure if I would re-read this, but I do want to see what happens next.






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