Book Review–Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars #10) by Sara Shepard




This is the 68th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.



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Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars #10) by Sara Shepard
December 6th 2011 by HarperTeen


Sometimes bad things happen to bad girls. . . .

Aria’s love life is on the Fitz—ahem, fritz. Emily’s exploring her wild side. Hanna’s kissing the enemy. And someone from Spencer’s past—someone she never thought she’d see again—is back to haunt her. But none of that compares to what these pretty little liars did on their last spring break. It’s their darkest secret yet. And guess who else knows?

I haven’t forgotten, and I certainly haven’t forgiven. These pretty little liars better watch their backs because they’re about to get exactly what they deserve. . . .



 ***WARNING: This review may contain slight spoilers from the previous books. You’ve been warned. ***

Although I now believe the series would have ended better after Wanted, I enjoyed the last book quite well. This one, not so much. This is probably my least liked book out of the series.

It felt dragged out, the way the plots were woven were a bit confusing at times, and I really couldn’t stand Spencer and what she’d done. Sorry, I felt bad for Kelsey.

This book just seemed pointless. It also took another character that I previously liked, Ezra Fitch, and made him into a complete douche–he didn’t even really act like himself. There better be some explanation for THAT.

I didn’t hate it, but I kind of had to force myself to keep reading. My hopes for the next few books aren’t too high, but I want to finish the series since I’ve come this far. I sincerely hope that the next book is better.








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