What I’m Working On: December 2014



Since finishing Our Reasons, I really haven’t been working on anything new. I do have some tentative plans for 2015, though. With Christmas and everything, I probably won’t work on anything until it’s over. I might not even work on anything until January. I’ll just have to see how things go.


Here’s my tentative goals for early 2015:


* Begin editing Our Reasons


*If time, write UnSeen Cupid as a short story for Valentine’s Day

* Finish (hopefully) editing Our Reasons by Feb. 20

*Submit Our Reasons for Pitch Madness on Feb. 23

*Submit Our Reasons to Swoon Reads if Pitch Madness is unsuccessful.

*Work on the beginning of Whispertown


*Re-submit Whispertown to PitMad on March 11


My basic plan for 2015 is to mostly edit. I want to have more options for querying as well as submitting to contests. I will probably also start querying for Whispertown again after I have strengthened the beginning (tips I got from agents who were interested).


Since I have no plans to work on anything for the rest of this month, I will probably be skipping these posts until the new year.

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