Book Review–The Android (Animorphs #10) by Katherine Applegate



This is the 88th book from my 114 in 2014 Reading Challenge.


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The Android (Animorphs #10) by Katherine Applegate
Published September 1st, 1997 by Scholastic, Inc.


When Marco runs into his old friend Erek he doesn’t think too much of it. He’s got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek’s been hanging with some of the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.




This one was a little difficult for me to read because it involved spiders–one of the animals I absolutely cannot stand. They just freak me out.

However, this was still a good book. Not one of my favorites in the series, but interesting. It also has a plot point that will probably tie into some later stuff. I liked the idea of the history of the dogs.

I’m glad to not be turning anymore pages with a spider staring at me in the bottom corner, though!









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